Host Home Program

Family & Children’s Center’s Host Home Program provides safe, supportive transitional housing and support options for the homeless youth living in our community. It will address their needs by connecting them with caring adults who are willing to provide safe housing and support. The host home model is an “outside-the-system” response to youth homelessness. It provides the community an opportunity to take care of each other.

The youth are matched with volunteer hosts who share their home. The matching process is youth-driven and the adults receive no compensation. The host home gives youth the time, space and support to address immediate needs and work towards their personal goals. The program aims to prepare youth to leave the program and be ready for a stable, independent living situation and to fully participate in the community.

The host homes and youth will be supported by a social worker at Family & Children’s Center’s.

For Host Homes:

For Youth:

For more information about the Host Home Program, please contact Darren Dannhoff at (608) 785-0001 ext. 313 or