2015 Conductor Wannabe

My name is Mason and I want MY DAD, Josh Gates, DSC_1907to be the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra Conductor Wannabe…

‘Cuz everybody deserves a dad like mine!

You can help make that happen by voting for my dad. Half of all the donations from his votes will go to Family & Children’s Center where building strong families is the name of the game! If he wins, he gets to be the “conductor” for one song at the May 2, 2015 concert.

Vote for My Dad!

$2.00 donation = 1 Vote

$1 for LSO + $1 for Family & Children’s Center

Vote more than once!

It’s easy to vote: (voting begins Sat., March 14 at 7:00 pm)
  • Online at the La Crosse Symphony’s website.
  • Mail a check to:
    • La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, 201 Main Street, Suite 230, La Crosse, WI  54601
  • By Phone (608) 783-2121

Make sure you designate the gift to Josh Gates

Deadline: April 28, 2015

Donate $50 or more and be entered to  win TWO Badger Football Tickets

Donate $100 or more and be entered to win TWO Packer Football Tickets

The money raised from this event will support FCC’s True Blue Initiative to end child abuse in our community.

What is True Blue?
  • True Blue is Family & Children’s Center’s initiative to end child abuse in our region through our proven, cost-effective solutions. Through individual, corporate and community partnerships,  True Blue ensures at-risk children, adults and families receive the programs and services that will enable them to build happy, hopeful lives.
Why True Blue?
  • Child abuse is 100% preventable, yet very limited public funding is available for prevention     services locally.  Instead, millions of taxpayer dollars are spent every day  responding to the child abuse epidemic for services like foster care for victims and prison for offenders. Here in the Coulee Region, thousands of children have their lives altered by the devastating effects of abuse each year. Effects that last long into adulthood— mental illness, drug abuse, criminal activity, unplanned pregnancy, perpetuated abuse—and lead to non-productive adults who are unable to maintain employment or develop positive, life-sustaining relationships.
  • This means it up to us—the community—to provide a more efficient, preventive system of care for our most struggling kids and families.  That system is exactly what True Blue supports: a  number of child abuse prevention and early intervention services that when combined can bring an end to child abuse in our region.  These services must rely on community contributions to operate.
Become True Blue
  • True Blue partners are businesses/corporations who support child abuse prevention in the Coulee Region through a partnership or gift to Family & Children’s  Center.  Partnerships are uniquely designed to be mutually beneficial, and offer many marketing benefits. An investment in True Blue offers unparalleled returns… not just for those who benefit directly, but also for your own family’s and community’s quality of life.