Agency Overview


Family & Children’s Center is a regional, private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 agency that provides a continuum of services designed to strengthen families and promote individual well-being, including

  • Child abuse and neglect prevention
  • Community-based counseling (counseling clinics, in-home counseling, day treatment)
  • Residential options (treatment foster care, respite care)
  • Community support programs
  • Several outreach programs

We are nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services, indicating we meet the highest standards for each of our programs.


Family & Children’s Center serves thousands of individuals and families every year, helping them enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

We are successful because of our comprehensive team approach and the continuum of services they provide. We have over 300 highly qualified, compassionate professionals and staff, including teachers, child psychiatrists, the region’s leading psychologist, highly sought-after therapists and registered nurses.


Family & Children’s Center’s roots reach back to 1881 when the Committee for the Wisconsin Humane Society of La Crosse was formed, in part to protect neglected and abused children and widows. The Committee evolved and merged with other programs over the years and became the Family Service Association in 1972 to reflect its emphasis on counseling for families, couples and individuals. In 1983, the Family Service Association merged with the La Crosse Home for Children to become Family & Children’s Center.


Although Family & Children’s Center is based in La Crosse, it serves individuals and families from six surrounding counties. The Center also has facilities in

  • Winona, Minn
  • Rochester, Minn
  • Viroqua, Wis.
  • Black River Falls, Wis.
  • Sparta, Wis.


Because healthy individuals and families are key to a healthy society, Family & Children’s Center takes great care in helping both thrive within their existing communities. With our services, children and adults alike are able to obtain help in solving their problems without leaving their homes and loved ones. We believe that resolving problems where they occur results in greater long-term success, healthier family relationships and a more profound sense of individual well-being.


Family & Children’s Center services are funded by a combination of payment for services, grants and gifts. These gifts are vital to continuing the work of the center in strengthening children and families in our communities. Every dollar goes toward improving someone’s life, whether it helps an abused child learn to trust again or a troubled adolescent to communicate with her parents in more positive ways. Because funds donated to the Center build better tomorrows for children and their families, investing in Family & Children’s Center is investing in our future.