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hope academy

Jasmine’s Story: Hope Academy a turning point

Seventeen-year-old Jasmine* had a lot of distractions. She lived with ten family members in a three-bedroom house, worked so she’d have money for shopping and spent free time with her 18-year-old boyfriend. School just wasn’t a priority. It didn’t help that a new distraction—bigger than any other—was on the way. Just when Jasmine was about […]


One family’s struggle — becoming another’s hope

Sometimes even the most committed, loving families experience problems.  John and Jeanne Taylor* know that firsthand. The couple set out from the beginning to raise their three children in a structured, faith-filled home, punctuated by hugs and laughter. But the couple’s move to a new community six years ago unraveled their hopes and dreams for […]


Friends with mental illness work together to change minds about mental health

Nick and Pierre

Friends with mental illness work to change minds about mental health Six-and-a-half years ago, Nick and Pierre met in a group home. Since that time, they’ve overcome barriers, managed their diagnoses and are now using their stories to empower others and reduce the stigma around mental illness. Supporting each other through mental illness After a […]


Angie, Seth & Sara

Meet Angie, Seth & Sara. A history of drug & alcohol abuse put Angie and her kids at-risk. With the help of Healthy Families, Angie found the hope she needed to set up herself for a successful future and give her kids the happy childhood they deserve. MC 2016 – Angela, Seth & Sara



When your mom is a single woman addicted to methamphetamine, it’s not uncommon to be removed from your home. That’s how 18-year-old Taya’s story began. Taya was just two years old when social workers removed her from her mother’s home. Two-year-olds, after all, shouldn’t be so desperate for food as to eat out of the […]


Kate & McKenna

For many adults, childhood memories are filled with family vacations, bedtime snuggles and holiday celebrations. For Kate Shaw*, her childhood memories are marked instead by violence, abuse and responsibilities completely inappropriate for any youngster. The oldest of four siblings, Kate bore the brunt of her mother’s abuses — abuses that included drugs,  alcohol and her own […]



At just 9-years-old, Dave had many behavioral issues with social interaction and anger management. He had been placed in foster care but was not improving his behavior, at home or school… until he found Family & Children’s Center. Dave was placed into the children’s unit in FCC’s former Weston Street Residential Treatment program. He also […]



As Martha* watches her son take his first steps across the kitchen floor, she began to think back and appreciate how far she has come after a challenging past. Growing up Martha was physically and sexually abused by multiple members of her family. At the age of 14, she was placed in foster care where […]


Female Teen


Lindsey is 15 years old. Her favorite past-time is shopping, she has a passion for fashion, and she obsesses over the minor acne on her beautiful face. She loves animals and cries every time she visits the Humane Society. She hopes someday to be a dog trainer who drives to work in a Lamborghini. You’d […]


Dennis and Michelle

Since 1993, seven treatment foster care children have come to live with Dennis and Michelle and their son, Matthew*. Collectively, these children represent some of the most severely mistreated children in our community. They are plagued by the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition and neglect. They arrive in the foster […]


Julia Thompson

Julia Thompson* enjoyed a fulfilling life. She had a rewarding career working with people who suffered chronic mental illness, had raised healthy, successful children and looked forward to future times with her grandchildren. That all changed in with a car accident. Julia suffered numerous injuries, including pelvic, hip, back, neck and shoulder damage, along with […]


Monica James

Monica James* is 25 years old and the single mother of three children. When expecting her second child, she had no car, no apartment, no license and no diploma. Monica’s healthcare workers – recognizing the unique stresses she faced – asked if she would like to be part of the Healthy Families program. Monica liked […]


Amanda and Greg

Facing the challenges of a blended family, Amanda and Greg* want to be good parents and are willing to sacrifice to make that happen. But their challenges are extreme. Greg’s three children from a previous marriage were emotionally and physically neglected before coming to live with the couple, and Amanda’s son had witnessed his mother’s […]


Karen White and the Norton Children

It’s hard to imagine what life must have been like for the Norton* children. On the day county workers arrived at the Nortons’ home, responding to calls from neighbors, they found starving, abused children living in squalor. Seven-month-old Tess was lying in a cardboard box soaked with urine, her little bottom blistered with diaper rash. […]


Male Teen Smiling

Bryan’s Story

Growing up, Bryan* had always been physical and aggressive. He was unmotivated and had poor social skills. He received very little credit in school his 10th grade year in school due to his lack of motivation. Bryan had become physical with his mother and was placed in a residential treatment facility. Two weeks later, Bryan […]


Girl Looking Up

Summer’s Story

At just 12 years old, Summer* was struggling with school. Her behavior was rebellious. She couldn’t control her emotions. She was disrespecting staff and peers and using much verbal and physical aggression. Her grades were bad and she rarely attended school. Summer was referred to Adolescent Day Treatment at Family & Children’s Center by her […]


foster care


Jada* doesn’t remember ever living with her mom. She doesn’t remember her mother’s drug abuse or neglect. And she doesn’t remember being abandoned. Her first memories are, in fact, of living with her grandma in a housing project. Her grandma wasn’t home much. When she was, she was often unconscious, sleeping off the effects of […]



The Marcos’ Journey

The Marcos’ Journey *Names changed to protect privacy. Linda and Jason Marco* know the power of anger. The mother and son have seen how anger can destroy property, opportunities, relationships and families. Widely considered a secondary emotion, anger is often what emerges from more vulnerable feelings, such as hurt, fear, rejection. It’s a powerful survival […]