Facing the challenges of a blended family, Amanda and Greg* want to be good parents and are willing to sacrifice to make that happen. But their challenges are extreme. Greg’s three children from a previous marriage were emotionally and physically neglected before coming to live with the couple, and Amanda’s son had witnessed his mother’s severe abuse by a former boyfriend.

All children had multiple emotional and developmental problems, including suicidal tendencies, violent outbursts, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and attachment issues. “Our future was bleak. I envisioned problems with the law and teen pregnancy for our children. I pictured them being completely lost,” says Amanda.

Fortunately, all found help at Family & Children’s Center. With individual counseling for each of the children, couples counseling for Amanda and Greg and behind-the-scenes collaboration among all the therapists, the family has tapped a continuum of resources and treatment to transform their home from one of chaos to one of order. Discipline is consistent among both parents, expectations are communicated clearly, parents listen to the children and children listen to the parents. The children are doing better in school, enjoy regular meals and baths and trust is growing among all members of the family.

Today, Amanda credits Family & Children’s Center for creating a new future for her family — a future of opportunity, good choices and physical and emotional health. “Our children have a chance in life now,” she says. “That’s something they’ve never had before.”

*Names changed to protect privacy.