Family Smiling

Alicia Skiles, MS, NCC, LPC, SAC-IT

Let’s face it, families are busy. Between cleaning the house, rushing your kids places, checking your work emails or even responding to extended family and friends on Facebook, there seems little time to cram in that “quality family time” that blogs like this go on and on about.

So how can you get quality family time without adding to your schedule? Use the time you already spend together… differently.

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Create a love signal. This can be a squeeze of the hand, three bear hugs, a special handshake or a clever wink. Let your child/ren (or partner) know that anytime you want to signal that you love them, you can do this special thing. This works especially good for school drop offs.
  2. Make a meal together. Whether you are microwaving chicken nuggets or homemaking seven layer bean dip, there is a kitchen responsibility that you can share with your child/ren. Find something they can help with and praise their efforts.
  3. Be a good listener. Household chores are time consuming, but can be combined with a heart to heart with your child/ren. While folding laundry, instead of turning on Netflix, invite your child/ren to share about something important to them or the favorite part about their day. Make regular eye contact, listen more than you talk and say back to them what your heard.

60 Second challenge.

There are lots of creative ways to enhance the time you already spend as a family. Take a minute to think of when your family is all together. What can you start doing today to make the most out of that time? Make yourself a note to remember this thought later.

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