We Need Your Feedback 

Please take this brief survey to assist Family & Children’s Center (FCC) in developing a plan to help meet the total $10M campaign goal for the following areas: prevention endowment, facility improvement and program growth.

Family & Children’s Center has roots dating back to 1880’s. With a total $8.5M budget, FCC operates 24 programs, serving more than 3,700 each year in its seven locations of La Crosse, Black River Falls, Sparta, Vernon County, Wisconsin and Winona, Minnesota.

Services work to prevent child abuse, to help individuals achieve stability from serious mental illness, to find healthy and stable homes for children whose parents can no longer care for them, and to keep youth on track for graduation. Helping resolve challenges where they occur results in greater long-term success and improved individual well-being.

FCC seeks to intervene as early as possible, adapting proven, integrated programs and services to rescue struggling children, youth, adults, families, and communities. Highly-effective, wide-ranging services include, but are not limited to

  • Tailored safe, timely services to each family’s individual needs.
  • Improved parent-child interaction and school readiness.
  • Empowered caregivers who are able to protect and support their children.
  • Reduced psychiatric hospitalization visits.
  • Decreased dependency on public assistance and other social services.
  • Increased access to preventive medical care.
  • Added healthy, productive, and contributing citizens.

Prevention, early intervention, and treatment programs mean that children and youth will have the opportunity to grow to be productive adults. Lives are truly saved. They will have had the safety, stability, and health to achieve their full potential, which in turn means continued success for future generations.

$10M Proposed Campaign Goal

Prevention Endowment – $6M

A generous donor has offered a $2M gift to Family & Children’s Center when the organization fundraises an additional $4M.

Family & Children’s Center wants to grow and maintain funds in the Child Abuse Prevention Endowment to reach a goal of $10M. This will further strengthen FCC, assist prevention programs to operate in perpetuity and provide the agency with more financial flexibility for building other innovative programs as new needs arise.

Facilities and Maintaining Properties – $2.5M

Financial resources are needed continually to address repairs and improvements. The estimated cost of maintenance to the current properties is roughly $2,578,500.

Program Growth – $1.5M

Family & Children’s Center is committed to the highest standards to help the southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin region thrive and grow. Financial flexibility will be crucial in growth efforts to fund new and innovative programming. Improvements in technology and technical infrastructure will support this growth. The organization is looking at growth opportunities in the following areas:

  • Youth and adult autistic services.
  • Professional foster care.
  • Transitional housing for adults with persistent mental illness.
  • New residential facility in Winona for adults with persistent mental illness and substance abuse issues.
  • Services for older adults.
  • Services for veterans.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your confidential feedback regarding this proposed campaign.

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