Cope With Feeling Cooped Up
Due to the recent events of the COVID-19, a lot of people have found themselves in isolation of their own homes for an extended period of time. Here are some ideas of how to curve those feelings of being cooped up.

Self Care
Take a bath: enjoy a long, relaxing bath and put on some music.
Facial: put on your clay face mask, lie down, and instantly create your own at home spa.
Exercise: there are plenty of at home exercises available from beach body to youtube videos.
Mediate/Yoga: isolation is a good time for self reflection by practicing meditation. It is also a great way to calm any nerves you may feel.
Go for a walk: getting outside and getting a change of scenery can help you not feel so cooped up. 

Play an instrument: whether it is an instrument you already know how to play or one you want to learn, now is a great time to focus on your craft.
Be an artist: whether it’s drawing, painting, or sculpting, now is a great time to let your artistic side out. Creating art is also known to be therapeutic.
Knit/Sew/Crochet: create some goodies for your loved ones or yourself!
Cooking/baking: try some new recipes and save your leftovers as meal preps. As long as you’re not leaving your house, you ought to at least be eating delicious foods.
Writing: write a short story, start a novel, write a poem, start a blog, or just journal your own inner feelings and thoughts.
Read: Read, read, read! Reading books is a great way to keep your mind occupied and stimulated simultaneously! It’s a chance to catch up on reading.

Deep clean: not only is sanitizing crucial right now, but a clean house just feels better. If you’re going to be cooped up, at least be cooped up in a clean home.
Downsizing: go through your stuff (clothing, storage, etc) and get rid of things you no longer need. This will help de-clutter your home and open up space.
Yard Work: for those  with pets, we know it’s easy to slack off in the winter, but now is the time to get ahead of summer and clean up after those pets!

Finally, enjoy this time of “boredom”. Sleep in, watch some tv, and try to see the positive in not having too much to do. This is a difficult time for us all whether it is because of isolation, increased work, lack of work, taking on home school, or a number of other things, so we hope this helps you make the most out of a bad situation.

Limit screen time (It is tempting to set them in front of the tv all day, especially those who are trying to also work from home, but this can lead to insufficient sleep and change in behavioral patterns, try to occupy them with the ideas below):

Construct Something
Blocks: whether it is legos, wooden blocks, different sized and/or shaped boxes, try to create something. If you have old boxes, this can be a great way to reuse them.
Playdough: Letting kids play with playdoough is a great way to keep them busy and a good sensory activity. Spice it up by adding some rolling pins, cookie cutouts, and have them draw a backdrop on paper to put their new cut outs on to build a scene.
Magnets: Whether it’s refrigerator magnets, magnetic tiles, or magnetic sand, there are so many options for kids to do with them.

Write: Have the kids write their own short story. This is great for kids of ANY age to be creative. Smaller kids can create a picture book of their story.
Toy wash: set up a bin with soapy water with sponges and scrubbers and have them do a “toy wash”. This is a lot of fun for kids, all while disinfecting their toys!
Race Track: use leftover cardboard from boxes, paper towel rolls, and anything else you can find to make a cool course for their toy cars. You can build ramps, tunnels, garages, etc. and let them color or paint the cardboard to decorate!

Painting: kids always love painting. You can come up with new methods of painting and use things other than a paint brush as days go one (roll toy cars through paint, stamps, blow paint using a straw, etc).
Color: coloring books are an easy go to, but for some added fun if they get bored with that, you can simply hand a large piece of paper on the wall, or give them a large box to decorate and it adds excitement.

Get Outside
This is so important for kids to let off steam and not feel so cooped up. Go for a walk, build a fairy house, go for a scavenger hunt, or just let them simply play outside.


We know this change in schedule can be a hard time for kids as well. There are a lot of resources online for different academic resources, but try to have some fun with it as well.