“I need a break.”

How often have many of us shared this sentiment “I need a break” in a moment of exasperation with our current circumstances?

We all need a moment sometimes. This concern can be more pressing and essential for parents of children with special physical and emotional needs.

Respite is designed to support families and offers these vital breaks from caregiving in a safe and healthy environment. Respite providers offer their time, attention, and skills on a short-term basis to support and strengthen local family units. They work closely with the family or families they match with and, depending upon their availability, provide care in their own homes, clients’ homes, or the community on an hourly or daily basis. Respite providers offer temporary reprieve so that caregivers can focus their attention on balancing their own and other family need with the peace of mind that their child is with a competent alternate caretaker.

Respite providers are matched based on their preferences and skills with families they can be of the most assistance to. They are compensated for their services and receive ongoing training and support through our agency and the respite coordinator.

There is always a considerable need for new respite providers. New youth enter the program continually and finding them the most appropriate match for a respite provider and setting is our most significant focus. An enjoyable break for both the child and the parents is of utmost importance. If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about how to become a certified respite provider for youth in our community, please get in touch with Kelli Degenhardt at (608)668-2275 or kdegenhardt@fccnetwork.org