Julia Thompson* enjoyed a fulfilling life. She had a rewarding career working with people who suffered chronic mental illness, had raised healthy, successful children and looked forward to future times with her grandchildren.

That all changed in with a car accident. Julia suffered numerous injuries, including pelvic, hip, back, neck and shoulder damage, along with a head injury. In addition to chronic pain, the accident has left her with post traumatic stress disorder, depression, short-term memory loss and seizures. Consequently, Julia lost her job, her ability to live independently and her ability to deal with people. “My life went from white to black in the blink of an eye. I looked to the future and saw nothing.”

That’s when Julia began working with a therapist in Family & Children’s Center Outpatient Counseling. Julia said her therapist became an advocate for her – not only treating the emotional injuries but also ensuring additional medical testing for the physical injuries. In Outpatient, she found someone she can trust, something that’s not easy any more. Today, Julia says she has days with almost no pain at all and feels almost like she did before the accident, and she credits Family and Children’s Center for her progress.

“It feels so good to feel like a human being again. It is the greatest gift I could ever get.” Julia has started driving again on occasion, suicidal thoughts are rare, relationships with her children have been restored and she experiences happiness again. With Family & Children’s Center, she says, “I know that there’s someone special who can help me hang on to life’s future.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity.