LA CROSSE, Wis. – (WXOW) – A big donation arrived in pairs on Wednesday afternoon at the La Crosse Family and Children’s Center. Tradehome Shoes made an in-person donation of 600 pairs of socks. The center was thrilled to receive the items. “Socks are really important,” said FCC President and CEO Tita Yutec. “They keep your feet warm, they keep them free of blisters, especially now with the weather getting colder. “Yutec added just how much socks help those clients that may have mental health challenges or housing insecurities. Tradehome Shoes manager Merle Bries said the store was happy to do it. “The last few months we’ve basically been letting our customers know what we were utilizing the socks for and they came out in droves,” he said. The center says they hope the generous donation will last into this next year.

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