Spotting the signs of child abuse during child abuse awareness month

Spotting the signs and types of child abuse can be difficult which is why the Family & Children’s Center is providing tips for helping out.


There are four different types of abuse. Physical abuse often looks like frequent or unexplained injuries, explanations that don’t match injuries, specific patterns of harm, and abuse to pets or animals. Sexual abuse looks like stained or bloody underclothes, unexplained sore throats, trouble walking or sitting, and STDs or pregnancy, especially before the age of 14. Signs of emotional abuse look like overeating or not eating enough, speech disorders, or nervous disorder rashes.

Neglect symptoms include clothing that is inappropriate for the weather, consistent bad hygiene, and untreated medical or dental problems. Some of these signs and symptoms can overlap. Major changes in behavior are often an indicator of one of these signs of abuse. Not wanting to go home after school, experimenting with high-risk activities, different sleep habits, and behaviors from an earlier stage in life like thumb sucking or wetting the bed are often indicators that something is wrong.

Unexpected behavior from parents or caregivers can also be warning signs. Little concern for their child, denying problems at home or school, blaming their children, and offering conflicting or unconvincing explanations for a child’s injuries can reveal that their is a type of abuse happening.

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