Are you or someone you know struggling with homelessness, food insecurity or mental health?

The Winona Community HUB is a local program linking multiple agencies to connect people to programs and services, provide health education and help people on a pathway to wellbeing.

Family and Children’s Center is one of five organizations in town partnering with each other to reduce risk factors in the community the HUB is an evidence-based model of community care coordination that focuses on addressing social determinants of health risk factors in food insecure or other high-risk individuals. The Winona Community HUB provides the structure to ensure that Winona’s most vulnerable families’ complex needs are addressed in an equitable, unduplicated and meaningful way.

Family and Children’s Center has recently partnered with the HUB to be a community care agency and hire a community connector. A community connector will meet with clients wherever they are at and try to work with them to remove barriers to their wellbeing. A community connector may work with a client to connect to services like food and clothing, or help a client navigate the medical system so they are working toward better health outcomes and have greater self-efficacy with their health. Community connectors can also help a client work towards their health goals like eating healthier, managing stress or getting involved with adult education.

If you think that you or someone you know would benefit from HUB services and working with a community connector, make a referral by calling Family and Children’s Center at (507) 453-9563 or Live Well Winona at (507) 474-9825.

Family & Children’s Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a continuum of services designed to strengthen families and promote individual well-being.

Published in the Winona Daily News