At just 12 years old, Summer* was struggling with school. Her behavior was rebellious. She couldn’t control her emotions. She was disrespecting staff and peers and using much verbal and physical aggression. Her grades were bad and she rarely attended school.

Summer was referred to Adolescent Day Treatment at Family & Children’s Center by her school. FCC’s Adolescent Day Treatment is a licensed half-day mental health program serving youth struggling with severe emotional, behavioral and/or mental health issues.

In Day Treatment, Summer struggled to focus, often distracting and interrupting her peers. She had difficulty controlling her emotions. This lead to aggressive outbursts toward peers and staff.

As Summer continued at FCC, stressors from her past continued to plague her. Her symptoms got worse. She began using chemical substances and alcohol as a way to escape her problems. Her symptoms had become so severe that she was taken to the hospital on three separate occasions.

Summer was placed into foster care so she could experience a more structured living environment and she quickly began to thrive. She was enrolled in a new school where she began to do well academically and behaviorally. She joined the schools volleyball team and was selected as a team captain.

Six months later, Summer was allowed to return home to her biological family. Despite familial stressors, she continued to make progress. Within a month, she had successfully met her goals.

Summer continues to do well and hopes to one day open a beauty salon of her own.
*Name has been changed.