Rachel M. Slough-Johnson, MS MFT, Qualified Therapist Trainee and Level 2 Gottman Couples clinician


Quick! If you could only do one thing in 30 seconds to improve an important relationship in your life, what should you do? According to marriage expert John Gottman, the most important thing you can do is “cherish your partner’s dreams.”  In the video below, Gottman summarizes some of his 30+ years of research on relationships, and how making even a small step toward knowing and honoring your partner’s dream can make a huge difference.



If you are in a relationship, do you know your partner'(s) dreams? Does your partner know that you cherish them? What would it look like to have shared dreams and work toward them together?


Research also suggests that many of the same skills and techniques that improve relationships with others also work to create a healthier relationship with yourself. What are your dreams? Are you nurturing these dreams? What would it take to make a change toward them?