Employee Testimonials

Better tomorrows in action

Staff are building better tomorrows for children, families & individuals every single day. Find out why they love what they do and how they make a difference in their role at Family & Children’s Center.

Every day I am proud to know that I am a part of team that works together to help kids. And even if it’s only helping one, it’s completely worth it. – Alex, Case Manager – La Crosse, WI

Seeing clients daily for their med-management makes me feel so involved in their lives. I know that I am treating them and keeping them well for another day, setting them up for a healthy future. – Becca, Nurse – Winona, MN

I’ve been where these kids are. I know where their heads are at. With that frame of mind, I know I can make a small difference in their lives and hopefully impact their future in a positive way. – Jackson, Program Aid – Rochester, MN

Most of my clients suffer from depression. Knowing that I am the source of often their only smile or laugh for the day, is motivation enough for me to make the hour drive into work. – Rachel, Peer Support Specialist – Black River Falls/Sparta, WI

I’ve been passionate about helping others my entire life. Even though I’m not in a direct-care role, I know I am putting my skills to good use directly supporting the programs that are making a difference for the community. – Gregg, Administrative Staff – La Crosse, WI


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