Adult and Teen Challenge Comes to Weston!

A new program will be offered in La Crosse, and it will be working out of a portion of the underutilized space at Weston. Adult & Teen Challenge of Western Wisconsin (ATCWW) will offer a long-term, faith-based, residential recovery program for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. They are gearing their services toward females at the outset. ATCWW focuses mainly on the soul component of the individual, and is in collaboration with local hospitals and mental health services to ensure all areas of the individual are being addressed.

The agreement to rent the available space is the culmination of a great deal of work by key agency leadership staff as well as a few of our board members. ATCWW is currently doing some minor construction on site, and they hope to have clients this fall! Being located on site at Weston not only makes productive use of underutilized space and provides rent for us, but also provides another opportunity to serve the area substance abuse population. The Youth Home program continues to thrive, but we will explore options for remaining space at Weston.

Here is a link to the website for ATCWW ,along with a link to the press release:



(Executive Director Kevin Schaler of the Adult & Teen Challenge program)