Resolve to Change Lives this Season to Bring in the New Year

Resolve to Change Lives

The holiday season is often a time of self-reflection. New Year’s resolutions tend to be about making attempts to change for the future. Think about your new year’s resolution. For most, it’s to eat better, exercise more, or start a hobby. Now think about the child whose resolution is being able to socialize after trauma, the woman’s resolution of leaving her abuser, the man’s resolution of overcoming addiction, or the family whose resolution is to earn enough money for a livable environment. These are not just new year’s resolutions, they are daily, lifelong resolutions. Their resolutions are not something that can be given up after a month or forgotten.

Family & Children’s Center wants to change the future. Our motto is, “Better Tomorrows Start With Us.” We are not only referring to our clients’ tomorrows, but the tomorrows of their children, spouses, and community around them. Repeat trends are not unusual; an abused child grows up to abuse their own, a child who has witnessed domestic abuse finds themselves in a similar relationship, a child of teen pregnancy gets pregnant in high school, a child of an addict turns to drugs to cope, and low income families commonly stay low income. This is not how it has to be.

Family & Children’s Center has a resolution to break these cycles. Our goal is not only to help those struggling, but to prevent it from ever happening again so that future generations never know what it feels like to be abused, neglected, hungry, or homeless. Family & Children’s Center provides the proper tools, support, and knowledge for future generations to grow up the way they should; healthy, safe, and happy.

This year we encourage you to think of us for your resolution. Help us resolve to change the lives of those who have been mistreated and disadvantaged by helping them reach their daily resolutions. We rely heavily on the support from our community. A gift from you can give a child a better tomorrow, a struggling (wo)man the chance at a new beginning, and future families the chance at a happy holiday season. With your help we can resolve to change the future of our community. Together we can create better tomorrows.