Rebecca Naugler, president of Carlson Wagonlit Travel/Goli’s Avenues of Travel, is another woman who’s found great satisfaction and intrinsic rewards from volunteering.

A member of the Family & Children’s Center board of directors for the past seven years, Rebecca describes volunteering as a selfish thing. “I’ve met so many nice people through volunteering.  I’ve met people from many walks of life whom I would never have met otherwise and whose lives would never have touched mine.”

She says that meeting and working alongside so many other people has expanded her view of life and increased her compassion for people who may not be as fortunate.  “We’re all on the same planet.  We are far more interconnected than we may think,” says Rebecca.

“It takes every individual to make a stronger community, and it takes each and every one of us to do our part to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone and anyone to live in.  When you’re volunteering, you see things that people are doing in life and you realize how they affect others.  You realize that you can have an impact in making things better.”

Rebecca says she’s come to appreciate the impact time, treasure and talent can have on an organization like Family & Children’s Center and thereby the community.  “Some people have the ability to give in all three areas.  Some people can give in one.  It’s just critical that we each volunteer whatever assets we can to helping others.  Our families, our communities depend on it.”