Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a safe and comfortable place where children are interviewed about possible abuse and neglect. Our multidisciplinary team minimizes the trauma the child victim experiences after the disclosure of abuse. This coordination improves the investigation and prosecution of abuse cases while ensuring the victims receive effective, sensitive and immediate support in a setting that puts their needs first. As a result, Stepping Stones is able to significantly reduce the trauma experienced by the children and their families during the investigative phase.

  • Features a coordinated response to abuse reports designed to increase the effectiveness of investigation while focusing on reducing stress and the risk of secondary trauma to the child victim
  • Videotaped interviews conducted by trained forensic interviewers in a safe, confidential setting aimed at avoiding multiple interviews
  • Regular case review to ensure the sharing of new information, continual case planning and that the child and family’s needs are addressed
  • Children and families receive prompt, on-going services tailored to fit their individual needs
  • Costs are reduced by 36% through the use of child advocacy center investigations

For more information about Stepping Stones call (608) 791-3882.