Treatment Foster Care

Returning children to a family environment is a high priority, and Treatment Foster Care (TFC) provides the structure and support needed for a child to return to such an environment when he or she is unable to return to their own family. The program utilizes a trauma informed care model with a multi-disciplinary team approach including in-house social workers, therapists, a clinical supervisor, and a child psychiatrist. The program’s social workers provide intensive, specialized support, and advocacy for each treatment foster care family and child in placement.

  • FCC has a 24/7 on call social workers available for any emergencies with TFC youth or for referrals for respite services
  • Home visits to each treatment home occur monthly, and telephone contact occurs weekly
  • Feature highly trained and experienced treatment level foster parents all residing within one hour of La Crosse
  • Services include family integration through co-parenting and mentoring between TFC parents and birth or adoptive parents
  • Includes individual and family therapy and independent living skills training
  • Serve children 17 and under

To make a referral to Treatment Foster Care in Wisconsin or Minnesota, please contact us at (608)-785-0001.