Family 2.0


Family 2.0 Evolving with the Family (formerly known as Sandcastles) is a peer support group led by two trained facilitators. The program seeks to help children identify feelings related to divorce. Coping skills are introduced as ways to work through those feelings. Family 2.0 builds on resilience and problem solving skills. 

Children participate in small, interactive groups with peers their own age. To make the Family 2.0 experience comfortable and enriching, trained facilitators lead mindfulness exercises, yoga movements, group discussions, and workbook activities. In addition, some groups create a poster featuring their original artwork, including expressing emotions, family changes, and ideas of ways to reduce frustration and stress. All materials created by youth are confidential and cannot be used in the divorce process. Parents are not permitted to take pictures of any material the children make. 

Goals & Objectives

  • Facilitators provide a supportive and secure peer group environment
  • Facilitators lead participants in self-exploration of divorce related feelings
  • Participants will be able to identify changes in the family dynamic and parent-child relationship
  • Participants will be able to identify and express feelings and emotions surrounding divorce
  • Participants will be able to identify at least one coping skill to resolve problems and work through emotions

2019 Dates

  • Saturday, October 5th
  • Saturday, December 7th

2020 Dates

  • Saturday, February 1st
  • Saturday, April 4th
  • Saturday, June 6th
  • Saturday, August 1st
  • Saturday, October 3rd
  • Saturday, December 5th

For more information, call 608-785-0001