Safe Visitation

The Safe Visitation Program offers a setting in which parents and their child(ren) can safely maintain a relationship with their noncustodial parent. Visits are referred by county social workers, the courts, or self-referrals. Visits or exchanges are often required due to a number of circumstances, including child protection involvement and/or a history of domestic violence. The program’s goal is to facilitate safe and appropriate parent/child interaction and/or to maintain the parent-child connection. Family & Children’s Center has supported a visitation program since 2006. In 2014, a grant was awarded to help serve families affected by domestic violence, so those cases involving a history of domestic violence could utilize our services at no cost.

Safe Visitation offers a few different types of services, including supervised visits, monitored exchanges, bookend visits, and partially supervised visits. The program staff works closely with social workers, the courts, and other professionals involved to provide services that best fit the needs of families as well as court orders and recommendations by professionals. During orientation and intake, the program Supervisor and Case Manager will explain the types of services in more detail to help guide families in the right direction.

Please call 507-453-9563 and dial extension 1000 or email for more information.