Serving: Adults

Our Community Support Program (CSP) provides comprehensive mental health, AODA, and case management services to adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. Because this diagnosis affects all aspects of an individual’s life, effective care must address not only the management and reduction of symptoms, but also the individual’s full range of unique personal, social, and economic needs. Our services are primarily provided in a community, non-office setting; with the goal of assisting each client in gaining and maintaining increased independence. Our philosophy and care lead to a reduced need for repeated hospitalization and periods of specialized care.


Black River Falls, WI
(608) 396-6398

La Crosse, WI
(608) 785-0001

Viroqua, WI
(608) 637-7052


The Other Door

CSP also provides participants:

  • Access to a Peer Support Specialist who is specially trained, recovering from mental illness, and can provide effective self-help strategies that offer expertise that professional training cannot replace
  • Supported Employment* providing individuals with educational, volunteer, and professional opportunities that are proven to eliminate many barriers associated with mental illness.
  • Comprehensive assessment, recovery planning, and financial management services.
  • Medical prescription and medication monitoring.
  • Skills to solve or cope with social isolation, housing issues, recurring crises, personal care practices, and relationship troubles.
  • Individuals are provided with a team consisting of a case manager, psychiatrist, nurse, mental health technician, and peer support specialist.

*Supported Employment services are not provided in Vernon County.


For more information, please contact Mary Jacobson at (608) 668-2223 or email