Serving: Children

Day School is a licensed half-day mental health program. It is designed to meet the needs of children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. Groups are offered for youth at various ages and developmental levels. Day School services are offered three hours per day, Monday-Friday (times vary depending on group and time of year).

Day School utilizes a variety of approaches to create a safe and structured environment designed to improve the overall well-being of the youth. The program provides a structured setting and offers the following service components:

  • Diagnostic Assessment (DC 0-5, standard, extended)
  • Individualized Support and Crisis Planning
  • Community Support/Case Management
  • Psychotherapy (individual, group, family)
  • Skills Training (individual, group, family, recreational, independent living, organizational, et.)


Winona, MN
(507) 281-3913


Goals & Objectives

  • Improve daily functioning and overall well-being of the child/adolescent
  • Develop and strengthen positive coping skills
  • Learn ways to manage and effectively express emotions
  • Increase youth self-esteem
  • Learn alternatives to high-risk behaviors
  • Build social skills to improve relationships with adults and peers

“A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.”

Multidisciplinary Team

Our program staff forms a multidisciplinary team in order to give the most support to the child and family. The program staff collaborates and coordinates services with all involved community service providers. These providers include schools, county human service departments, medical providers, foster homes and out of home placement agencies, and Children’s Mental Health Case Managers.

Family Involvement

Family/caregiver involvement is a key component of success for the day school program. We strongly encourage consistent communication between day school staff and parents/guardians/family supporters. Additional services can be offered to provide additional support to youth and family such as family therapy and family skills. Regularly scheduled support plan reviews involve all members of the multidisciplinary team as well as parents/guardians.

Admission Criteria

  • Youth ages 3-17
  • Dealing with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Experiencing problems at home, school, and/or in the community
  • Have a primary mental health diagnosis or severe emotional/behavioral disorder

*Note: Day School programs are not appropriate for youth who are actively experiencing psychotic symptoms, clients who are unmanageably dangerous to self or others, or youth who are best served in a less restrictive environment. 

Referral Information & Billing

Day School referrals may be made by parents/legal guardians, county departments of human services, probation officers, school districts, hospitals, and/or other involved agencies/providers.

Day school costs are billed through youth’s private insurance carrier(s), medical assistance, and/or contracted payers.

For more information or to make a referral please contact the Day School Coordinator at (507) 453-9563.