Serving: Adults

Since 1982, Hiawatha Hall has provided services that prepare residents to move into independent living. Individuals 18 years and older with a mental illness or with other challenges engage in activities that encourage the growth of skills necessary for healthy, self-sufficient lives. Participants learn vital life skills and techniques for coping with their own unique challenges with the help of group therapy, social skills training, medication monitoring, vocational services, social & recreational activities, and aftercare planning. With the use of the integrated dual diagnosis care, illness management and recovery practices, participants are able to enjoy healthy, happy lives.

  • Features a Staffed Residential Facility, including on-site nursing 24 hours a week and psychiatry consults.
  • Coordination with Psychiatric and other medical professionals.
  • Incorporates individual care planning.
  • The average participant's stay is 90 days.


Winona, MN
(507) 454-7711

For more information or to make a referral, please call (507) 454-7711.