Serving: Children & Families

The number of homeless youth in our local community is growing. Most do not get reported due to fear that they will be placed “in the system” or face some sort of repercussion. Many are also embarrassed and do not want their friends to know the depth of their situation.

mom and hosted children

You can help teens struggling to find stable shelter by sharing your home. The youth can be someone you already know or you can host other youth that have been referred to our program. You have a say on who you’re matched with and how long they stay (it can be for a short period or a longer amount of time). There is no pressure to host youth that you’re uncomfortable with, we work with you and the youth to find positive matches.

Host Home Program is not affiliated with Child Protective Services or any other County systems.

With the help and support of a social worker from Family & Children’s Center, you can become a host home by:

  • Providing stable shelter and food for a youth
  • Being an adult role model (over age 21)
  • Having renter’s or homeowner’s insurance
  • Authorizing and passing background checks
  • fulfilling other requirements

You can help youth move beyond crisis to feel more stable, find a new sense of self-worth, and succeed in pursuing personal goals!

Click here to find out more about the Host Home Program or call us, at 608-785-0001 to find out how to become a host home.