Serving: Adults

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based approach to support employment for people with serious mental illness. IPS helps people living with behavioral health conditions work at regular jobs of their choosing. IPS is all about consumer-centered planning and choices.

There are eight principles of IPS:

  • Completive Employment
  • Systematic Job Development
  • Rapid Job Search
  • Integrated Services
  • Benefits Planning
  • Zero Exclusion
  • Time-unlimited Supports
  • Worker Preferences


Sparta, WI
(608) 269-0567

Black River Falls, WI
(608) 396-6398

Viroqua, WI
(608) 637-7052

La Crosse, WI
(608) 785-0001

For more information on this program, contact us at 608-785-0001.