Serving: Juveniles & Adults

The Intensive Tracking Program provides a check-in system for juveniles and adults who are currently on supervision with Winona County Department of Corrections. Program staff work closely with social workers, probation officers, schools, and parents to establish individual plans that meet the varying needs of each client. Check-ins include face-to-face visits, phone calls, and administering of Urinary Analysis and Breathalyzer Tests. The program is structured in levels that allow clients to progress out of the program.

  • Four level system, from most restrictive to less restrictive as youth are successful
  • Program staff cover weekends and holidays
  • Available to cover home visits for those youth in out-of-home placements


Winona, MN
(507) 453-9563

If you have any questions or wish to speak to someone at Family and Children’s Center, call Danielle Swedberg at (608) 785-0001 ext. 2282 or by emailing