pexels-photo-251829At just 9-years-old, Dave had many behavioral issues with social interaction and anger management. He had been placed in foster care but was not improving his behavior, at home or school… until he found Family & Children’s Center.

Dave was placed into the children’s unit in FCC’s former Weston Street Residential Treatment program. He also attended school at the former Weston Street Compass School.

During his year and a half in the program, Dave worked with many staff members who helped him learn coping techniques and improve his behavior and social skills. He participated in group therapy and the summer program, taking field trips to local farms.

A few years later, 14-year-old Dave began attending school at the former Day Treatment program at FCC in Viroqua. This structured environment really helped continue to improve his social skills and anger issues. At this time he also participated in FCC’s Day Treatment program.

And finally at 15-years-old, Dave found a permanent home. His current foster parents had been proud of his improvement after working in the different programs at FCC and decided to adopt him! Although Dave occasionally struggled, he had overcome many of his issues and really liked his new home and parents.

Dave continued to participate in Outpatient Counseling at FCC until he was 20-years-old to improve his behavior.

Dave notes that he couldn’t have done it without the staff he worked with at FCC. He noted, “Without FCC, I would have been in a mental health institute. I don’t know where I would have been without Family & Children’s Center.”

Once Dave’s time at FCC was complete, he was able to secure a job and volunteer as a firefighter. Now at 26-year-old, he is much more independent. He likes hiking, drawing maps, reading and spending time with his younger brothers.