Lindsey is 15 years old. Her favorite past-time is shopping, she has a passion for fashion, and she obsesses over the minor acne on her beautiful face. She loves animals and cries every time she visits the Humane Society. She hopes someday to be a dog trainer who drives to work in a Lamborghini.

You’d never know that Lindsey’s earliest childhood memory was as a toddler living in a foster home and that she has no memory of her birth mother. She does, however, remember feelings of aloneness, worthlessness and defensiveness and how those feelings turned her into a belligerent, manipulative, trouble-making and sometimes violent adolescent.

You’d never know because Lindsey found Family & Children’s Center.

After only a year of intensive treatment with Family & Children’s Center – including residential treatment, alternative education, outpatient therapy, day treatment and a group home – Lindsey has transitioned into one of the Center’s Treatment Foster Care homes and is once again attending public school. She continues working with her therapist and is entering the independent living program to develop the skills she will need to live as a productive adult upon high school graduation.

With Family & Children’s Center’s help, Lindsey has learned to communicate with words instead of rage. She understands that her actions, good and bad, carry consequences. And she realizes she deserves love and respect, both of which are better than pity. She has learned there are better tomorrows for her – and she’s embracing them.