Monica James

Monica James* is 25 years old and the single mother of three children. When expecting her second child, she had no car, no apartment, no license and no diploma. Monica’s healthcare workers – recognizing the unique stresses she faced – asked if she would like to be part of the Healthy Families program. Monica liked the idea of having referral sources and child development experts readily available and quickly became immersed in the program. She has actively participated and looks forward to weekly visits with her Family Support Worker.

Since that time and with the help of her Healthy Families support worker, Monica has developed positive goals for herself and her children. She has earned her high school equivalency diploma and is working toward a business degree at Western Technical College. She has renewed her driver’s license, has her own car and apartment and runs her own clothing business.

Monica views her progress as not only fulfilling her dreams, but also making it possible for her children’s dreams to come true. “When you help the parents, that makes a more sound home for the children – and that makes it possible for their dreams to become a reality, too.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity.