Self-Help for Children

These tracks are intended for children ages 8-18. Choose the one that best fits your child’s issues. Each track lasts about 7-8 minutes. The key to gaining the most benefit from them is to have your child listen to the track 2-3 times a week for at least a month or so. Once the new and more realistic attitudes have become established, your child can reduce the frequency to about once per week, and later once or twice per month for a “booster”. As is the case with most training programs, the key is repetition.  With repeated hearings, you will notice your child having a better attitude and feeling happier related to the issue involved. But it does take time and practice! These tracks have been in use for many years and both children and parents report very good results over time.

These files can be easily streamed from any computer.

Tracks available:

For Children

Living in Two Homes

Stop Worrying

Building Self Confidence

Test Anxiety for Kids

Anger Control

Missing My Parents

For Teens and College Age Individuals

Test Anxiety for Teens

Speech Anxiety for Teens

Social Anxiety for Teens

Building Self Confidence for Teens