We need your helping hand!

As the area’s leading provider of human services, Family & Children’s Center is looking for talented, motivated, caring & compassionate employees who want to build better tomorrows for children, families and individuals in the community. Your hard work and service changes lives and changes futures.

Better tomorrows start with us YOU

Our motto at Family & Children’s Center is, “Better tomorrows start with us.” Our professional staff represent the most skilled and talented professionals the area has to offer and contribute to the life changing work that happens here every day. We are committed to investing in people who create better tomorrows. Won’t you join our team?!

Positions at FCC are great for:

  • Anyone looking for meaningful work improving the overall well-being of children, families & individuals.
  • Professionals looking to begin their careers
  • College students looking to gain experience in the mental and behavioral health fields
  • People needing supervision hours or direct client contact hours
  • Adults looking for part-time employment caring for & connecting with others


Ways to build better tomorrows

Family & Children’s Center employs staff in a variety of position categories including:

  • Case Management/Social Work
  • Clinical Staff &/or Providers
  • Direct Care
  • Nursing
  • Administration
  • & many more!

Better tomorrows in action

Staff are building better tomorrows for children, families & individuals every single day. Find out why they love what they do and how they make a difference in their role at Family & Children’s Center.


Every day I am proud to know that I am a part of team that works together to help kids. And even if it’s only helping one, it’s completely worth it.

– Alex, Case Manager – La Crosse, WI

Seeing clients daily for their med-management makes me feel so involved in their lives. I know that I am treating them and keeping them well for another day, setting them up for a healthy future.

– Becca, Nurse – Winona, MN

I’ve been where these kids are. I know where their heads are at. With that frame of mind, I know I can make a small difference in their lives and hopefully impact their future in a positive way.

– Jackson, Program Aid – Rochester, MN

Most of my clients suffer from depression. Knowing that I am the source of often their only smile or laugh for the day, is motivation enough for me to make the hour drive into work.

– Rachel, Peer Support Specialist – Black River Falls/Sparta, WI

I’ve been passionate about helping others my entire life. Even though I’m not in a direct-care role, I know I am putting my skills to good use directly supporting the programs that are making a difference for the community.

– Gregg, Administrative Staff – La Crosse, WI