Matty’s Place

What is Matty’s Place:

Each year, many children have their lives altered by the devastating effects of child abuse.  Matty’s Place, a Family & Children’s Center program, is a safe and comfortable place where children are interviewed about possible abuse and neglect. The experienced staff will work to put the children at ease and make them feel comfortable, all while significantly reducing the trauma and stress experienced by the children and their families during the investigative phase.

For more info, view the short video on the below link:

How Child Advocacy Centers help kids


Matty’s Place’s mission is to serve children who are reported to be victims of maltreatment. As part of a regional, multidisciplinary collaborative team that investigated these reports, Matty’s Place will strive to preserve the dignity and spirit of the child by assisting, supporting and educating families and the community.

What happens at Matty’s Place?

Families and children are referred to Matty’s Place by either law enforcement or child protective services due to allegations of child abuse or neglect. The children and caregiver(s) will be greeted by Matty’s Place staff and guide them into the family room.

For more information, call 507-453-9563