Matty’s Place

Matty’s Place is designed to minimize trauma for child victims of abuse, by providing support and assistance to the entire family. Our multidisciplinary team minimizes the trauma the child victim experiences after the disclosure of abuse. This coordination improves the investigation and prosecution of abuse cases while ensuring the victims receive effective, sensitive and immediate support in a setting that puts their needs first. As a result, Matty’s Place significantly reduces the trauma experienced by the children and family during the investigative phase.

  • Trauma experienced by children and their families is reduced
  • Caregivers are empowered to protect and support their children
  • Children receive safe, timely services tailored to their needs
  • Allegations of abuse and neglect are more thoroughly investigated
  • More offenders are held accountable; prosecutions are increased
  • Alternative response methods such as Supervised Visitations and Family Group Decision Making Conferences aid in the prevention of more costly services that would need to occur later on like foster care or prison
  • Investigations of child abuse done at child advocacy centers are 36% less expensive than traditional investigations
  • There is a coordinated, holistic community response to child abuse

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