Serving: Families

Healthy Families is based on a national model from Healthy Families America with more than 30 years of research to prove effectiveness. We have been visiting expectant and new parents in La Crosse County since 1992. We are now able to offer our services in Vernon County as well.

Support and encouragement is provided through the Healthy Families program to help new parents champion their families and give babies in our communities a brighter beginning. By building confidence, reducing stress, and maximizing the joys of becoming a new mother or father, Healthy Families helps parents and children grow together.

What are the benefits of Healthy Families?

National data with a broad range of studies show that children are healthier when parents participate in Healthy Families, experience fewer adverse childhood events, and demonstrate long-term improvements in school performances.

We know that our families:

  • Have babies with up to date immunizations
  • Remain linked to a physician or clinic
  • Complete high school as a parenting teen
  • Become more self-sufficient and less socially isolated
  • Reduce the amount of money spent on child welfare, medical care, foster care, and legal
  • services by half

Getting started is easy! Just
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